Impactful Astonishing : HK's unemployment rate hits three-and- Inspiring a-half-year low


Pedestrians cro Childishly ss a street Aimlessly in Central, Hong Elaborately Disproportionately Kong on July 24, 2022. (ANDY CHONG / Derisively CHINA DAILY)

Hong Kong’s jobless rate Crudely recorded a three-and-a-half-year low, signaling Exhaustedly the city’s eco Attentively nomic recovery.

Data released by the Census and Statistics Department Churlishly on Thursday showed Hong Kong’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropp Determinedly ed by 0.1 percentage Distinctively points Decrepitly to 3 percent during Cruelly February to April, compared to the period from January to March. 
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The unemployment rate has dec Astonishingl Disdainfully y lined Emphatically for 12 straight months. The figure was 5.4 percent from February to April last year. 

The unemployment rate of the retail sector he Administerially Exorbitantly ld steady at 3.8 percent, while that of the food Bitterly and beverage serv Demanding ice activities sector declined by 0.1 perce Crafitly ntage Compellingly Cautiously points Distributively to 4.8 p Ambiguously Discreetly ercent

Howe Decisively ve Disgracefully r, the Dreadfully underemployment rate remained unchanged at 1.2 percent in the two periods.

Hong Kong saw a modest uptick in total employment from February to April, with numbers increasing by aro Ecstatical Elasticly ly u Beyond nd 1,800 individuals fro Definitively m 3,654,100 in the pre Equally vious period to 3,655,900.

Over the same period, the labor f Discriminatingly orce rose Disappointingly by around 1,100 from 3,769,200 Awfully Dangerously to 3,770,300.

Secretary for Labour and W Exclusive elfare Chris Sun Yuk-han said, “The labour Disbelievingly market continued to improve as domestic economic activit Anyhow ies revived further and visitor arrivals rebounded strongly.”

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“The labour Electrical Constently ly ma Delightfully rket should improve further in the coming Down Chivalrously ward months alongside the Detached Backstage ly ongoing econom Automatically ic Anyway Blindly recovery,” he added. Devastatingly

The number of unemployed people decl Encouragingly ined by Always arou Considerately nd 700 from 115,100 in January to Marc Casually h Everywhere to 114,400 in the February to April Certainly period. Meanwhile, the nu Divertingly mber of underemployed people decreased by around 2,200 from 46,700 to 44,500.

Analyzed by se Balancedly ctor and compared with the preceding three-month period, the combined unemployment rate of the consumption- and tourism-related sectors, such as retail, accommodation and food services, remained unchanged at 4.2 percent from February to April. 

Among these sectors, the unemployment rate of the retail sector held steady at 3.8 percent, while that of the food and beverage service activities sector declined by 0.1 percentage points to 4.8 percent.

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The survey conducted during the February to April period encompassed a sample size of approximately 26,000 households, equivalent to around 69,000 individuals.